dead dead document

An ongoing research initiated by Oda Brekke carried out in collaboration with Lisa Schåman and Tuuli Vahtola. This project proposes a practice that oscillates between writing and dancing. It asks how fragmentation can be studied as a choreographic means by exploring various forms of waste and rest products as resilient actors, poetic landscapes and metaphors constituting a generative language in performance.

Concept and choreography: Oda Brekke
Developed and performed with: Lisa Schåman and Tuuli Vahtola
Conversation partners: Eva Meyer-Keller, Anders Paulin and Tuija Roberntz  

01-30.07.2022 Ufer Studios (Berlin, Germany)
06-12.02.2022 Bergen Dansesenter (Bergen, Norway)
28.11-13.12.2021 Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Other presentations
27.08.2022 WIP at Dans en fest, BIT teatergaragen/Carte Blanche/Bergen Dansesenter (Bergen, Norway)
14.01.2023 On dead dead document: a choreo-essay, Kafé Mix, höjden studio (Stockholm, Sweden)

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council,  Bergen Dansesenter, Swedish Arts Grant Comittee International Dance Program, Life Long Burning.

From “lunch og dansekunst” at Bergen Dansesenter

Interview by Lies Mensink/Veem house for performance