05-21.06.2023 Rasp, Research in collaboration with Stina Ehn, PAF (St. Erme, France)

15-21.05.2023 Curatorial: Memory, trace and performance, Lab, Weld, (Stockholm, Sweden)

09-12.03.2023 Outside eye/writer: Seems to be by Denise Lim and Stina Ehn, Weld (stockholm Sweden)

20.01.2023 Performer: AP/DV by Leah Landau, Atelje Skärholmen (Stockholm, Sweden)

14.01.2023 on dead dead document: a choreographic essay, Kafé Mix, höjden studio (Stockholm, Sweden)


04.11.2023 Performer: AP/DV by Leah Landau, WIP presentation DOCH, (Stockholm, Sweden)

24.09.2022 When there’s only surface left, Performance, IMPROSPEKCIJE (Zagreb, Croatia)

27.08.2022 dead dead documen WIP presentation, Dans en fest, Studio Bergen (Bergen, Norway)

3-26.08.2022 Resident at the Swedish Institute in Paris (France)

06-31.07 2022  dead dead document Residency , Ufer Studios, (Berlin, Germany)

10-11.06.2022 How can we think together when our language for social futures feels emptied out? Presentation at the symposium A thinking Practice, Hägersten Medborgarhus (Stockholm, Sweden)

04.05.2022 When there’s only surface left, Performance, Bergen Kjøtt, (Bergen, Norway)

28.04.2022 When there’s only surface left, Performance, höjden studios (Stockholm, Sweden)

26.03.2022 Pocket Phrases, Performance at Danserom, Marinehallen (Bergen, Norway)

07-21.03.2022 Outside eye: Seems to be by Denise Lim and Stina Ehn, residency Dance Nucleus (Singapore, Singapore)

06-11.02.2022 dead dead document  Residency , Bergen Dansesenter  (Bergen, Norway)


28.11-13.12.2021 dead dead document Residency ,Veem House for Performance  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

25-30.10.2021 Där en samling av förnimmelser landar, Performance, höjden studios (Stockholm, Sweden)

24-25.09.2021 Pocket Phrases, Performance, Dance-Coop (Copenhagen, Denmark)

26-29.08.2021 When there’s only surface left, Premiere, Weld (Stockholm, Sweden)

15.08.2021 Performer: How to do things with Romance- A prologue, by Ellen Söderhult, Dansstationen (Malmö, Sweden)

21-23.05.2021 Performer: Once upon a time flying meant that you could land in a framers field by Leah Landau