When there’s only surface left

Departing from an interest in the innumerable traces that are discovered and produced when dancing When there’s only surface left tampers with the paradoxical meaning of the concept surface. It evokes both the sense of the most concrete and graspable; what is actually here, what can be seen, touched and pointed at. At the same time surface brings to mind superficiality and appearance– a fasade stripped from solid structure and deep meaning.

The dance material is generated through a surface logic; a continuous movement and effort of emptying things out. The performance invites us along textures and marks through sonorous, visual and tactile perception. It produces a room where digital sound, textile and dance relate through their specific materiality and where their memories can be attended to in ever closer proximity.

Photo by Vetle Fortun

Concept and choreography: Oda Brekke
Dance: Maia Means, Lisa Schåman, Sunniva Vikør Egenes and Oda Brekke 
Sound: Hara Alonso
Textile and objects: Mathilde Sundfjord Sæthre
Dramaturgical advice: Karina Sarkissova
Administration: Artist cooperative Interim kultur
Special thanks to Stina Ehn and Jack Ohlsson
Premiere: Weld, Stockholm 26th August 2021

On tour
28.04.2022 höjden studios, Stockholm, Sweden
04.05.2022 Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
22.09.2022 Zagreb National Museum of Contemporary Art, IMPROSPEKCIJE  festival curated by Antisezona, Croatia
09.11.2022 DANCE COOPERATIVE,Performance Night #2 curated by Paolo de Venecia Gile, Copenhagen, Denmark

16-25.08.2021 Weld (Stockholm, Sweden
03-15.07.2021 höjden (Stockholm, Sweden)
03-09.05.2021 Danscentrum Väst (Gothenburg, Sweden)
06-16.04.2021 Dansplats Skog (Gävleborg, Sweden)
08-19.03.2021 Konstepidemin (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Supported by Weld, The Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grant Committee and the Nordic Culture Fund.

Photos by Vetle Forthun

Review by Thomas Ohlsson, Svenska Dagbladet