Cut: a choreo-essay 


This performance is an attempt to think out loud about my work in public. At times the score is to describe the task itself as I am performing it, at times I aim to ponder upon themes related to the work that I am interested in such as documentation of dance and its place in the archive, the notion of leftovers, the horror of abjection and photography as a medium without anticipation.

Photo by Leah Landau

By and with: Oda Brekke

Many thanks to my collaborators Lisa Schåman and Tuuli Vahtola. The tasks I am performing are developed through the reseach we did together as part of the process of making dead dead document. The thoughts I am elaborating on are a continuation of our co-thinking and I would not have had material to adress without reading, talking and thinking with you. 

Performed at
14.01.2023 Kafé Mix, höjden studios, Stockholm, Sweden
18.03.2023 Fylkingen, Stockholm Sweden
17-20.08.2023 Microhistories (group exhibition) at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden


             Photos by Leah Landau