Art as Practice | Art as Object

by PIM (Para institutional model)

Para Institutional Models poses questions around what the public is and what is included in the notion of the public sphere. What kind of work, performance, communication, thing, act, text, or speech has the potential of publicly manifesting itself and thus offering itself to a public negotiation? These questions unfold a discussion around the relationality between /art works/ and /artistic process/ between /art as object/ and /art as practice/ and their respective capacities for common negotiation and manifestation.

‘Art as Practice|Art as object’ features a collection of discussions and interviews between the PIM group, artists, and arts organisations. Is the purpose of an institution fulfilled only when its practice, at some point and in some way, manifests in the public realm? It includes essays by Manon Santkin and Nina Möntmann, and a short story by Francis McKee.

Contributions by Emilia Gasiorek, Oda Brekke, Manon Santkin, Maia Means, Sara Parkman, Carl-Oscar Sjögren, Veronica Thorseth, Leo Preston, Johan Forsman, Nina Möntmann, Francis McKee, Anders Paulin, Maryam Fanni, Thomas Paltiel, Goro Tronsmo, and Kim West.

The book is produced and edited by PIM’s Archive group consisting of Emilia Gasiorek, Anders Paulin, Oda Brekke, and Runa Borch Skolseg.

Design by Mika Kastner Johnson

Printed on Risograph by Barrie James Sutcliffe at KKV Göteborg and Skogen Community Press

English, 262 pages, limited first edition of 180.

Funded by Nordisk Kulturfond

Published 2020 by Skogen, Gothenburg, Sweden

A paper copy of the book can be bought at Skogens webpage where it’s also possible to download it as a pdf for free.