Pocket phrases

by and with Oda Brekke & Stina Ehn

Pocket phrases is a series of dances approached with an interest in systematic processes of creation, where producing comes first and analyzing later.

Pocket phrases is a performance where the audience is invited to witness two performers pace through a series made up of singular parts. Each of them offers a sense of its own; a particular universe of figures, rhythms, and steps.

Pocket phrases asks what happens to a form when it is doubled, repeated and reoriented.

Pocket phrases takes place outdoors in a place where the public seeps in. It needs a frame, but does not have a ceiling.

Pocket phrases lets the softness of skin and tissues meet the hardness of asphalt and stone. It invites people to come closer to a place and to spend time with details.

Pocket phrases is a project that continues, a collaborative study of what comes out of dance when it gets a determined form without aiming at determined meaning or sense.

Photo by Olle Ehn Hillberg

13-19.09.2021 Kunsthuset Wrap (Bergen, Norway)

26.03.2022 Danserom, Marinehallen, Bergen Norway  (performed by Oda Brekke and Tuuli Vahtola)
24-25.09.2021 Dance cooperative Copenhage, Denmark

Supported by Slots og kulturstyrelsen (Denmark)

Photo by Olle Ehn Hillberg

Photo: Inga Haveland Mannsåker